364.12 Shadow of Mordor regression (perhaps tessellation related?)

In 364.12, many models in Shadow of Mordor disappear, including the torso of my portrait on the main menu.

I found similar symptoms here, but on AMD and Windows ;) Anyways, the solution was to change some tessellation setting: wikia thread. He doesn’t mention disappearing ground (see below), so maybe it’s unrelated, but still very similar.

Screenshot comparison 361.28 vs 364.12:

This is a known application bug. It has been reported to Feral Interactive, the company that ported the game to Linux.

Good to know, thanks Arthur.

So I assume older drivers had some kind of work-around? Is it still possible to enable that work-around (I imagine some hidden environment variable being available or an application profile in nvidia-settings)?

Setting __GL_ShaderPortabilityWarnings=0 in the environment will make the problem disappear, pending a fix from the developer.

If you are effected by this please contact our support team and we can update you with information on our patch we have in development that fixes this issue.


I emailed the address above and received no response.

Hello. I’d just like to add something I found on an Arch linux forum, about adding force_glsl_extensions_warn=true MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE=GL_ARB_arrays_of_arrays __GL_ShaderPortabilityWarnings=0 %command%
to Shadow Of Mordor’s launch options in steam. This cleared up the problem for me, whereas the other __GL_ShaderPortabilityWarnings=0 did not.

Official fix please, all one should need to do is add something like this to the launch script. Btw, performance in the game is still very much sub-par.