375 driver performance regression in Vulkan.

It seems that there is a performance regression with low polygon count workload on 375 driver in Ubuntu.
I have been using Ubuntu 16.10 for quite a long time, switching between development 375 drivers and official stable 367, and now on Ubuntu 17.04 official stable 375, and I noticed a severe performance in low polygon but high object amount workload, I.E. both cube and cubepp samples delivered with Vulkan SDK have 2x lower framerates. Same happened with Sasha Willems’ https://github.com/SaschaWillems/Vulkan repository, particularly in “computecullandlod” example, where there are over 64^3 objects, but not a lot of polygons. I believe the issue only relates to high object count workload, such as a tessellation sample, or a generally high polygon count workload seems to have a comparable framerate. On Windows however all applications have no framerate issues.

I hope you can understand what I wrote above, English isn’t my primary language. If you need some clarification feel free to ask me.