384.69 driver - NVreg_RemapLimit


In the README of the 384.69 driver NVreg_RemapLimit is discussed, see https://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/384.69/README/dma_issues.html.

However, the driver doesn’t seem to recognize the parameter anymore, in dmesg: “nvidia: unknown parameter ‘NVreg_RemapLimit’ ignored”.

Has this functionality been removed from the driver?


Thanks for noticing this. The parameter was indeed removed because it’s not supposed to be needed anymore. Are you noticing any problems other than the unknown parameter warning?

I’ll update the README to remove the stale text.

I experience some problems with the latest driver, but this is not due to this parameter specifically.

I wanted to try the parameter and see whether it would resolve my issues, can you comment on why it has been removed or no longer needed?

The 384.69 driver seems to ignore the parameter as it should.

Thanks for the quick reply!