388 drivers update for M60


I wonder if it is possible to update M60 drivers to 388 version. I faced with the program which checks Nvidia graphics driver version and refuses to start with the message like "Latest driver version is: 388 installed version is: 384. Please update the driver to the latest version."

Is there any information on driver update schedule?

could you give more information which application requests for a new driver? What are you going to achieve?
Passthrough or vGPU?
Without further information you won’t get a proper answer.



Thank you for the answering! Application with the issue is video game ‘Wolfenstein II: the New Colossus’. I used vGPU version of the software. I’m trying to run the game in a VM with Tesla M60.

OK I see. Unfortunately you would only be able to run Passthrough with newer driver branches. Be aware that GRID is a Enterprise Solution with Enterprise driver branch and not the Geforce driver branch. You would need to wait for the next major release of GRID to have a new R3xx driver (higher than R384 currently).

Gotcha. Thank you again. How often do they usually update drivers in GRID software? I understand they probably have no schedule, but any approximation? Several weeks? Couple of months? Half an year?

Next major release is planned for early 2018. Hope that helps.