(396.24 and X.Org 1.20 RC5) GLX extension missing

With the new 396.24 drivers and X.Org server 1.20 RC5, when trying to launch Steam, I get an error about GLX not being supported. The “alacritty” terminal will also not launch and have an error about missing GLX extension.

I had to revert back to X.Org 1.19.6 to have GLX functional again. This is on a fully up to date Arch Linux system.

Please try this

xorg-server 1.99.905 ( 1.20 RC5) + [1]dri3: Fix DRI3.2 support for drivers other than modesetting-ddx

[1] https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/commit/?id=352a5ac87fd344936b759a5766eb74271e7d295d

I compiled X.Org from the git master, which includes that commit, and there is still no functioning GLX.

I found out what it was. It was the “AllowGLXWithComposite” option in my xorg.conf file. Setting this to “False” will disable GLX entirely. I disable the Composite extension in my xorg.conf file, so I naturally had this setting at “False” up until now, since it is disabling GLX altogether. I don’t think this setting should disable GLX like that.