396.24 or 396.18.07(vulkan): what is newer?

396.24 is released in 05/02/2018
396.18.07 (vulkan driver(?)) is released in 05/03/2018

what is new in iprovements?
have 396.18.07 the 396.24 inprovements?
have 396.24 the 396.18.07 inprovements?
can mix-up both version in one?
why is separated one and other if have the same branch?


They’re not directly from the same branch: 396.18.07 was built from a Vulkan testing branch that was created from the release 396 series a while back. So 396.18.07 doesn’t necessarily have all of the general fixes and improvements that went in between 396.18 and 396.24, while 396.24 doesn’t have the Vulkan improvements that went into the side branch.

Which one you want to use depends on whether you need those new Vulkan features. If you don’t need them right now, I would recommend staying on 396.24; the new Vulkan features will be merged into the main releases in the future.