3D CAD Viewer and Converter / Translation

Does anyone know of a existing application that uses CUDA to do 3D CAD translation and/or 3D CAD viewing. I am referring to neutral/open CAD formats files like step (stp), iges (igs), vrlm, hoops (hsf), etc… and/or proprietary formats such as CATIA, ProE, NX, etc…

Both of these seems like ideal areas for CUDA. :smile:

CAD data translation is a very time consuming activity and it can take 12+ hours to translate all the CAD data for an entire car for example…it seems like multi-thread parallel processing through the GPU could really speed this up. Companies spend a ton of money and time translating CAD data.

In terms of CAD viewing, if you have ever worked with CAD systems like CATIA or NX, you know if you bring in the 3D CAD data for a entire car or airplane the performance is very slow…one of the problems is these are mostly single thread applications, and due to the complexity of code, cannot be programmed to utilize the multiple cores of a GPU.

Any information on existing applications and/or development projects in this space would be greatly appreciated.