3D connexion mouse

Are 3dconnexion devices supported?


Hello enzino99,
Thank you for the post. I will bring your inquiry to the proper channels for review.
Thank you for your patience.

It will depend on how this mouse can be a regular input device, but at best they can be used as a mouse.
if you wanted to use the special feature of the mouse for special actions you will have to write up some extensions to support the API using python maybe with something like

what were you planning to do with the mouse ?

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Dear NVIDA Team
The 3D Connexion 3D mouse has become a global standard in machine building industry.
I can’t imagine working in 3D without it.
I use it in all CAD programs as well as in 3DS Max.
You navigate the Spacemous with your left hand and the normal mouse with your right hand.
Using this mouse is an absolute must for any 3D software.
If they can integrate the support, Omniverse will surely gain many additional users.
Attached is a video where you can see how the whole thing looks.

You are able to navigate with the 3D Connexion mouse in all 6 degrees of freedom in virtual space.

Thank you for your support

Mario Rothenbuehler

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Hello @3D-Artist! I have some good news for you. The development team is working on support for the 3D Connexion Mouse (Internal Ticket OM-35839). I do not know when it will be released, but I am keeping my eye on the ticket and I will post here when I have more information!


Dear Weny
Thank you for your very fast reply!
i will check this topic regularly for the update
have a nice day

Any chance you can add Oculus Controller support to this request as well…or create another request?

I can already stream OV to a browser and view on the Quest, for recording wrnch skeleton captures, but, would be nice to be able to use the Quest controllers in 3D space and map them to OV UI, for like stop/play and Camera movement. I’m using a hand held mouse in the interim.

My humble VR Studio would appreciate it.

Hi @daryl.dunlap.ohio! I am pretty sure our VR team is working on Oculus Controller support, but just in case, I did add this request to the dev ticket!

Any updates on 3d mouse support?


Hi @gavin.stevens. We’re currently thinking that this would make a good community extension.


Still no options here? Spacemouse is how any serious professional does 3D. Omniverse sticks out like a sore thumb in any pipeline without it.

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August 13, 2022
I just downloaded omniverse was ready to get things going and noticed my space mouse is not working the way it should.

cannot rotate around objects, pan, move up or down. Can only zoom in and out. I quickly launched Blender to make sure it’s not my space mouse acting up, and it was not.

Respectfully, why would you put out all this tremendous marketing, YouTube guides, community engagement…

then when we get here you do not provide compatibility with our most used tool?

come on now guys… huge disappointment. This is really silly to me.



Thanks for the feedback.


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August 15

Hello [ I have a request in with the development team to support the 3Dconnexion Mouse. I will add this request to the ticket!

See this post for a possible work around: [3D connexion mouse - #3 by dfagnou]

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Another vote for SpaceMouse support.

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I dont use this but I did see some promotional material for the product and it looked pretty cool tbh

if OV supported it I would buy it

Any news on 3d mouse support?


I second that, please support SpaceMouse

No updates here either, too bad

No update on SpaceMouse support? We are just trying out Omniverse Create and having no support for SpaceMouse is a major productivity killer. Once you are used to it, there is no going back.

Really thre isn’t a plugin for spacemouse in Omniverse? I’ve one spacemouse and used in every 3D program I’ve had, and I can’t do anything without it…Nvida, are you listening?