3D connexion mouse

Hi @estudi. Welcome to the forums! I’ve been updating our internal issue OM-35839 to make sure the dev team knows that there is a lot of community interest for this. Anyone reading this from the future, please feel free to weigh in.


Thanks Mati, I think this is a “must”, moving in 3D with a 2D device is painful for me (hand problems), and the third axis you gain with a device like spacemouse is super-useful

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Adding my +1 to this! Jumping around between different software with different control schemes can be really painful - Spacemouse allows for familiar 3d navigation irrespective of the app.

Thanks @carl25! Added to the ticket.

Is there an update please on the 3dconnexion devices, please?

I can’t tell if this has been done yet, It says in the post that the Team has started work on the feature, but that was ages ago now, and I’m not sure if they actually have got it implemented yet…
I have one of these devices also, and mine does not work yet.

I agree. Omniverse feels a bit like a beta product without Spacenavigator support. It should be really easy to ad as the movements are already implemented with mouse and keyboard.


Are there any Python developers amongst all the commenters and watchers? Who would be up for a collaborative effort to implement a community solution?

I currently have a partially implemented Omniverse extension that detects and reads the Spacemouse and displays the 6 degrees of freedom coordinates in a window.

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That’s good news. I wish I could help because I want this feature really bad. I’m an experienced 3D developer, but I’m quite new to Python, and an absolute beginner to all things Omniverse. If I had more time I would like to learn Omniverse Code. Hopefully later. Maybe I can help you test things at least

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Two years waiting for the 3d connexion support…

It is a bit strange, don’t you think? Makes me start to wonder why they haven’t implemented an essential feature like this yet. Not even after two years. It seems a bit hesitant.

Has Omniverse not turned out to be the hit that they expected? I think it’s fantastic, but these feature gaps makes me wonder what’s going on.

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It’s always the same, if there is no one in their development team who use it, we won’t see it for years. Those of us who have been using it for many years know how much work time it saves us and how important it is if you are a modeler. Many of us avoid programs that don’t have 3dmouse because it’s a step backwards.

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Think if we could have just the ability to rotate with the mouse around instead using keyboard keys that would be a huge step forward. Everything else can be mapped using macros to the hotkeys, but I also wished there are more hotkeys to map to!

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I’ve logged tickets OVC-2568 and OVC-2569 to cover the problems I’m encountering implementing this as a community extension.


Adding my +1 here for support of spacemouse as well! It is standard in use for all CAD software and the omniverse view manipulation becomes much more cumbersome without it.


I’m also piling-on. It does seem strange that this wouldn’t be a very popular tool amongst Omniverse devs along with users - it feels primitive navigating any other way.

BTW, I know nothing about coding for devices, but I should mention that my SpaceNavigator does have some minor function mapped by default - tilt forward/backward zooms in/out. It’s not very useful, but might simplify mapping to the other actions?

FWIW: checking the other functions shown in the Advanced Settings dialog does not work.

+1 if well implemented, will bring a lot of joy.

The team behind this device is not willing to develop with us at this time. Please ask them directly.

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This is confusing. Are you saying that 3dconnexion is not willing to work with NVIDIA devs?

3dconnexion has an existing SDK. No? Does NVIDIA have to work with them to get the device supported?

I don’t understand.

The sdk is not compatible with our code. So yes it would require a complete base level re-write and when we asked for their help, they are not willing.

If you and other people want to ask them on their own forum, that would be best.