3D Content Interoperability with Topology-Free Modeling

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/3d-content-interoperability-with-topology-free-modeling/

NVIDIA Inception Program member Shapeyard is solving the metaverse 3D content interoperability challenge by automating topology generation in multiple levels of detail at exporting or streaming.

Really interesting work being done here by Shapeyard. If people could use ipad and phones for 3d modelling, that would be a game changer.
Does anyone know if there will be a symmetry feature added soon? That would cut creator development time in 1/2.

I had a go at this app , it does have potential however the app has a lot of bugs and issues at the moment to fix before I will give it another go.

It crashed a lot throughout testing the app, so if you are going to try out this app , save your progress constantly and I mean constantly.

The rotation snapping is not 100% perfect all the time as well so you may not get a perfect angle shape. check it from all axis and you will see what I mean. It sometimes snaps at offset angle so you have to judge by eye to correct it. As I said it does have potential but I will wait for updates to fix these issues before trying the app again.