3d cufft problem

First sorry to my short english. I am now trying to do 3d cufft.

My data size is 512X512X512.

This is some part of my code.

#define NY 512
#define NX 512
#define NZ 512

int main(int argc, char** argv)

cufftComplex *d_data;    


When I do this, there’s a problem happen.If I changed NZ 512 to 100 or 512 to 200, it’s workong.

If I want to do 3d cufft using 512 by 512 by 512 data, what should I do?

I need help and thank you for reading this.

I suggest you check the amount of memory needed for this operation. Isn’t that about 1Gb? Are you sure you have that much on your GPU ?

I checked and my whole usable graphic memory is 1662MB.

My one is ‘GeForce 8800 GT’

Isn’t it possible to do 3d fft using cufft liabrary? (input data size is 512X512X512)

I don’t think that there is a 8800 GT card with 1662 MB of memory, GTX 285 cards with 2 GB of memory has just started to come.

I changed mine to GeForce GTX 200 seroes(GTX 275).

But it has a same problem…Isn’t GTX 275 has more than 1GB?