3D Engine for TX1

Do You guys have any recommendations on what engine/library to use to create simple 3D scenes
Unfortunately I can’t get my Python Application to run on the TX1, because Panda3D provides no ARM packages.
Regards, Peter

I couldn’t say for sure, but you might see if Blender can be installed. Blender does have a game engine mode for creating games.

You could install Gazebo (3D robotics simulator using OGRE for rendering) from the Ubuntu 16.04 repo with this command:

$sudo apt-get install gazebo7

Thanks for the answers, I’ll have a look at both. Unfortunately on first sight it seems that the blender game engine doesn’t get supported anymore and gazebo isn’t quite designed for this task. Basically i just need to draw a cube and have the view camera change position with User input.

For something like that, if you already code C/C++, you might consider programming it directly with OpenGL (or a Qt OpenGL widget). I’m not saying there wouldn’t be a learning curve there, but what you describe is so simple there will be a lot of tutorials starting with something just like that.

You might be interested in seeing what is done with “glxgears”. This is just a very simple tool for measuring frame rate, and interactively changes the viewing angle. To install:

sudo apt-get install mesa-utils


# Now click or hold down various arrow keys.

Are you already familiar with C/C++ on Linux? If you’ve installed glxgears, I see this for source code of the samples: