3D Gaussian Splatting in Omniverse - Is it possible?


I wanted to start a topic to discuss the potential of importing 3D Gaussian Splats into Omniverse. Similar to the Unreal Engine plugin that lets you import .ply files created for 3D Gaussians: 3D Gaussians Plugin in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Would this work with Ray Tracing? Or is it technically possible to view these in Omniverse? Or are there limitations?

I would love to see a native or even third party plugin for importing and viewing these 3D gaussians! It would unlock some awesome workflows to further push the limits of photorealistic scene creation inside of Omniverse.

We are exploring Gaussian Splats into Omniverse currently in our internal development. We do not have a current timeline for official release, as its much too early. However, it is already possible to convert the GS to a polymesh and use this is USD Composer.


That is amazing to hear! Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to the eventual implementation.

That looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing it Brad!!

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