3D mechanical Model for JTX1

I was wondering if NVIDIA had released a 3D mechanical model for the TX1 module?

We are currently working on extracting the STEP model of the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit (including the module), will let you know when it’s available.

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You can now download the 3D CAD STEP model from the Downloads page: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads

Thanks. Very responsive. I’m impressed!

Was anyone able to read this? I tried my copies of Solidworks and TurboCAD, but neither worked.

I was able to open and render it with IDA-STEP. I’m guessing that it’s the large size of the model (140MB) that is responsible.
I’ll see if we can provide a lower-res version or procedure for importing.

I also cannot import in Solidworks. Possible to provide a lower resolution version?


Worked fine for me, Albeit it took 15 mins or so to load in.

I will save as solidworks (2014) files and then upload (my internet is crap, so it may take some time).
Available here when done: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bzz4o5dfld5bbw/Jetson%20TX1.7z?dl=0

Will there avaliable a 3D STEP model also for the TK1 develop kit? (http://www.nvidia.com/object/jetson-tk1-embedded-dev-kit.html)

We are about to design and 3D-model an enclosure for this kit


Hi Bjornar,

As a first step in creating my own case design, I created a STEP model of the TK1 (based on the dxf file that NVidia does provide). You can download it from:

One note: When I was deleting my personal info from the step file, I removed the schema string too, which seems to cause some STEP readers to complain. You can fix it by adding back in the schema name:



(Hey, Nvidia, you can post my TK1 model on your own site if you want.)

Hi Dusty,

Is there a CAD model for the Jetson TX1 with the added heat sink? I want to run some thermal analysis on our package.



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What Dusty offered already included heat sink as you can see below picture cut from 3D model file. Isn’t it what you need?


I have found an issue with the 3D model provided above for the Jetson TX1. We are able to load the model into Solidworks and extract solely the JTX1 module(w/o fan or heatsink) for integration to Altium. However it appears the extracted JTX1 model mounting points do not align with the mounting points as specified in the OEM carrier design guide. I have verified that my footprint/mounting points are correct with a real JTX1 module.

Can NVIDIA please provide a corrected JTX1 module without heatsink, fan and standoffs. This would make integration into custom OEM carrier designs a lot easier to verify space/clearance/footprint issues.

[Frustration] I would post pics to show what I am talking about but forum rules will not allow me [/Frustration]


Any feedback from Nvidia if there is an updated 3D model release in the works?

FYI, I was able to open this model in FreeCAD (and indeed it takes a lot of time, but I was surprised that it didn’t take much RAM).

I am able to open the model in Solidworks without issue, what I am saying is that the model of the TX1 module itself is not accurate.