3D occupancy map Isaac Sim

I have a room and I need an occupancy map of the whole room.
The Occupancy Map feature in Isaac Sim only provides a map of the room for a certain plane(for example fixing the x-y plane map at different heights). I would like one map of the whole room. How can I do this?

@vivekvarma98 do you mean mapping a range of z values? but the output is still a 2d image correct?

What I mean is, I would like a occupancy map of my entire room, which is 3 dimensional. The occupancy map feature only works for one 2-D plane at a time. How can I get a map of my entire room using this feature?

To clarify: would the output of mapping your 3d space still be a 2d occupancy image or something else?

Yes exactly! My desire is that the output of mapping my 3D space be a 2D image occupancy map of the room. Is that possible through this feature?

It will be in the next release in a month or so hopefully :) We added 3d mapping support a few weeks ago so now you can specify Z bounds around the mapping origin to be considered, anything solid within that Z range will be marked as occupied

Yes, that looks like exactly the kind of feature I need. I hope it is released soon! Thanks for the update!

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