3D stereo image show serious problems- dithering

My problems–3D stereo image show serious problems- dithering .please see the detail for a link—http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTB1mkR。

We have provide a total soultions to one user.according to the design,a workingation via PCoIP card transform the 2 1920*1080@60Hz image to output devices(one for Monitor,the other one for Christie Mirage WU7K-M projector,and the projector can show 3D stereo image to user,uses doule frame modles).

On this case that’s active stereo mode,I always think it’s so easy for transmission 2 outputs 1920*1080@60Hz signal resolution via Tera2220 (http://pcoip.leadtek.com/eng/tera2220_hc.html),and via the ZeroClient 2231(http://pcoip.leadtek.com/eng/tera2321_ddzc.html)output image to the projector can be double frame by self.but 3D stereo image show serious problems- dithering.

I ask Teradici’s technology Engineer,he told me that’s the 2 ports pcoip devices only have 130 Mpps performances not enough to output realtime stereo image,and setup stereo output need twice-once for the left eye and once for the right eye.but I set the output 1920*1080@60Hz only,the projector will processing and up to 120Hz output,and the form the above liking video show the image only 59-60fps to output.I think we open stereo enable and not to adjustment form 60Hz to 120Hz,that can’t need more transform’s performance to support.

So,Would you please kindly give me some suggestion?and according to you experences,the processor performance is considered a bottleneck? I think maybe the transform lose the stereo synchronized in PCoIP convertion ,that’s right?