3D Texture Query - faulting with uneven dimesnions

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding 3D textures - I have been using these for over a year, and only recently came across a potential problem. On almost all toy examples I have used, my 2nd and 3rd dimensions have been the same size (nx and ny in my case). I am trying a real problem now, and find I get the ‘Invalid Argument’ error message. Upon scrutiny, it appears that this only happens when n2>n3, bizarrely, if n2=n3 or n3>n2 then the program executes everything correctly, but if n2 is larger by only 1 sample then I get ‘Invalid Argument’.

The size of n1 seems to make no difference.

Anyone heard of this happening before or do I have to dig through the C++ initalisation?


solved. thanks