3D time-of-flight devkit with IMX570 iToF sensor for NVIDIA Jetson

FRAMOS, a leading global supplier of imaging components, has introduced the FSM-IMX570 Devkit, an all-in-one solution for vision system engineers working on Time-of-Flight (ToF) devices for industrial and robotics applications. This development kit simplifies the process of creating embedded iToF vision systems based on Sony’s cutting-edge iToF technology.

Built around Sony’s IMX570 iToF image sensor, the devkit provides engineers with essential hardware modules, software drivers, and comprehensive documentation. Integration with popular platforms like NVIDIA’s Jetson embedded computers is effortless, enabling engineers to swiftly prototype and develop functional cameras within hours.

ToF devices utilize infrared laser light pulses to illuminate subjects and measure the time it takes for the reflected light to reach the image sensor, thus obtaining depth information. iToF cameras, like the IMX570, operate by emitting modulated light pulses and measuring the phase shift of the reflected light, allowing accurate distance calculations.

ToF cameras find extensive application in machine vision and embedded systems. Industrial robotics benefits from their precise depth sensing for autonomous navigation, surpassing the need for LiDAR. In logistics, automated forklifts rely on ToF cameras to accurately handle pallets and facilitate efficient package sorting. The retail industry utilizes ToF cameras for people counting and streamlined checkout systems.

ToF cameras are also making headway in the mobility and transport sectors, contributing to attention tracking and gesture recognition. Retail automation benefits from ToF cameras for people counting and seamless checkout experiences.

The FSM-IMX570 Devkit from FRAMOS addresses the challenges faced by vision system engineers when working with emerging technologies. It simplifies the integration of various components, streamlines data processing, and calibration. As ToF technology is still evolving, comprehensive documentation is often scarce, and proprietary information poses obstacles. With the devkit, engineers can overcome these difficulties and accelerate their camera system development.

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