3D Vision Driver Component Concerns


I am currently working on installing CUDA 10.0 on my XPS 15 9570, Windows 10 64-bit. It has a GPU GeForce 1050 Ti. I have a Driver version 436.48 which is the most recent one. I am planning on using this for TensorFlow acceleration.

I just have some concerns regarding the installation components.

So, when I go to the custom installation in CUDA installation wizard, I unchecked installing older versions of the components I already have on my PC. However, when I was taking a look at the Driver Components, I found the following:

  • 3d Vision --> New Version 411.31
  • Display Driver --> New Version 411.31 --> Current Version 436.48

So, I think it will be fine to uncheck installing the display driver, however, I am not sure about whether I should install the 3D Vision with a version older than the one installed for the display driver.

So, what should I do?


If you have no plans to use 3D video then do not install 3D vision.