3D vision Pro && supported program integration

I am considering the purchase of a 3dvision pro system, but have a few questions specifically relating to 3d software integration. I have read through the 3dvision section of the website, but have found nothing relating to integration, user experience, or feasibility relating to “supported” 3d software packages. I am interested specifically in implementing multi-designer interaction within both Autodesk Maya, and Rhino 5 (not simultaneously). While both of these programs are supported by 3dvision pro, my question is: how is the 3dvision experience implemented into the software above IE: are their plugins provided with the equipment that integrate 3dvision tech into the application?, does the 3DV pro system provide multiple independent pov processing from a single workstation? can-should I be using SLI in this situation? is it possible to bind specific 3dVisionPro glasses to specific cameras in the application? if so, is there a front end/UI provided to control this?

A lot of questions I know but then again, the system is about $1k…a bit pricy for me to buy and discover that the system will not meet my needs.
Thanks ever so much for your insight and suggestions.