3dmax room scene textures is all Red

I have a 3d model of a living room in 3d max. when I export the model to USD. and open it in Omniverse Create. the texture is all red, it do the same thing with all my other scene

3ds max material conversion is in progress and major updates are coming.

What renderer and material type are you converting from?

Is it possible that you upload one sample for us to debug?


Hello tonygraves456. Could you tell me if you have any errors in the max script Listener when exporting, and also what errors you see in Create on the Console?

Max Plugin does not support many VRay materials. We suggest you use VRayMtl. Or, you can use csv material name mapping function.

how would I upload it what need to do

Hi @tonygraves456,

To upload a file, just hit the upload icon when replying to the topic.


do you need the 3d max file or the usd file

We need the 3ds max file if you can make one when free.

it would not let me upload it, I just upload it to my google drive

Thank you! I did not get time to debug it today. But it seems that you used Chinese characters as texture file names. Currently it is not supported.

I encountered the same problem. I found that the correct MDL file was not generated. so, the material cannot be rendered normally.
max_vray.zip (12.4 MB)

Thank you for reporting the bug. We will fix it in next version.

Our latest release supports this sample. Please have a try. Version is 102.1.35

I have updated,evething is under control.

support chinese?