3ds max 2024.1 Fail to load OmniverseMaxPlugin.dll

Omniverse: Fail to load C:\Users\vovap\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\3dsmax-connector-201.1.0\Max2024\Plugins\OmniverseMaxPlugin.dll


Date/Time: 2023-06-30 23:17:40 +10:00
Application: 3dsmax.exe
Error: Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)
Crashed Module Name: Maxscrpt.dll
Exception Address: 0x00007ffef34eaba0
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Flags: 0
Exception Parameters: 0, 7ffeaec2d8d0

System information
3ds max 2024.1 Build
64-bit Windows 11 Pro 64-bit (6.2, Build 9200)
AMD Ryzen 7 4700G with Radeon Graphics (16 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
32768MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Drivers 31.00.0015.3640
2560 x 1440 (32 bit) (75Hz)

Hello cin,
This is a strange problem. In my test, Max 2024.1 works well with Omniverse 3DS Max Connector. I guess it is something goes wrong with the settings of 3DS Max. How about you rename two 3DS Max folders and try again.
C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2024 - 64bit
C:\Users\user name\Documents\3ds Max 2024
You can rename the above two folders. Then 3DS Max will generate right settings.
If it does not work for you, you can delete the new generated folders and rename your folders back.

I reinstall Windows. Install 3ds max 2024.1 and connector. Not help.

You do not have to reinstall Windows and Max 2024.1. You can uninstall Connector and make sure Max runs well.
You do not have to go to Launcher. You can go the the installation path of Connector in the above picture. At the root of Connector, you can run MaxSetup.exe to uninstall Connector.
Maybe you have one old Max Connector on disk. You can run UninstallOld.exe which is at the same path as MaxSetup.exe.
And please run UninstallOld.exe with Admin. It will help remove old Connector.
After uninstallation with MaxSetup.exe and UninstallOld.exe, you can run Max and quit. Then you can install Connector again with MaxSetup.exe.

If you formatted disk when installing Windows, it will not be the issue with old Connector. If not formatting disk, it could relate to old Connector.

Which new version of connector available? I have 3dsmax-connector-201.1.0 for 3ds max 2024.1.
It not work on fresh installation of 3ds max 2024.1 which installed on fresh Windows 11.

Try on not development machine. May be it work only on your computer.

You could be right. It may relate to Windows 11. I will find out a way to test it.

I tested it on Windows 11 virtual PC. It runs well. Need think more on why it fails on your side.

Hi Cin,
Do you have other plugins installed except the default things in Max 2024.1?

No, I not install any plugins.
My order of actions:

  1. Install Windows
  2. Install 3ds max
  3. Install Omniverse
  4. Install 3ds max connector

Hi Cin,

DId you run Max before installing Omniverse? BTW, Do you mean Omniverse Launcher?

Hi cin,
Thank you very much!

Hi Cin,
Can you tell me which one is Russian?

Could be русский

Russian is Русский

Get it. Thank you!

Hi Cin,
I tested with Windows Russian and Japanese. But I did not reproduce the problem. I guess it could be special build of 3DS Max, e.g. Max for Russian.

Solution: Enable UTF-8 support in Region Settings window.

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