3ds Max Connect and Marbles - no textures - fail to load

The first time I tried to open the Marbles.usd file it stuck at 55% and stopped loading after a 20min. wait. I was eventually forced to end the 3ds Max process which was at %0 CPU usage after more than 5min.

The second attempt I was able to load it into an empty scene with the ‘Prefer Material Type’ options left at the default of ‘None’. However, there were no materials attached to any of the objects.

The third attempt I set the ‘Prefer Material Type’ to ‘MDL’. This allowed the materials to load as
Physical materials but without any textures or bitmap nodes attached to them in the slate editor.

I’m not sure what I options to set to get the texture files to load. I found them in the individual object folders under /assets/standalone/<…>/textures/ as .dds files. but there was no general materials for the scene that I could find. The /textures/ folder in the scenes root was empty except for a /HDRI/ folder.

After looking the scene over I noticed that there are several objects with flipped faces. Will this have any effect on the scene if I export and open it in Omniverse View/Create?

Hello makit3d. 3dsmax currently does not open the MDL render context into the scene. We are currently working to add this feature. 3dsmax can open a USD file with USD Preview Surface, this is called the “default” option. However if there is no USD Preview Surface defined in the file, then there will be no materials. The prefer option “None”, loads only geometry and no material assignments. We are working to improve material support. We will also look into the loading issue with the marbles scene.