3ds Max connector 103.1.4 missing Export up axis Y option

After updating to the latest connector, there’s only an option to export Z up. The previous version of the connector let me export from Max in a Y up orientation, which let my objects import facing the correct direction in Omniverse. If I use Z up, I need to add extra rotation, and zeroing out the transforms will put it face down.

how do i roll back to the previous version which has the correct functionality?

We’ll get this back in, it’s in progress.

Any chance you have a timeline for reimplementing this? It’s still not fixed in 103.3.1. This is the only thing holding me back from switching to 3dsMax 2023. Thanks!

Hello @8080ff! I am checking with the team. I’ll post back when I hear back!

Hello @8080ff! Heard back from the dev team. This fix will be released in version 103.4 of the 3dsMax Connector.

great to hear, thanks @WendyGram !