3DS MAX Export Omniverse

I have an error while exporting from 3ds max to omniverse. Warning: MiniDump Created at C: Users\Documents, etc…
Anybody knows whats is wrong?

Hi @santiagodepablo.arquitect ,

Not exactly sure what’s the error and I do encounter something similar and usually it got to do with file naming convention and unsupported text. Omniverse tend to have some issues with spaces in naming when exporting, try to use underscore instead. Hope it helps.

i still have the same error

The minidump error, is just a generic error message to tell you something has failed in the export and that we need to look at those minidump logs to figure it out.

Some general advice on any crash when exporting to 3dsmax. Turn off all the major categories for the export panel and then run it with nothing first. Then add each category back one at a time. For example, turn off Instancing, Lights, Materials, Animation, Cameras. Then run that. Does it crash ? No? Then add just cameras. Does it crash ? No? Add lights. etc etc. You will quickly figure out what category is the issue. Then drill down from there.

One thing to try first above all is turn off “Instancing” and run that. I have seen Instancing ON, cause crashes.

If you can, please send your scene file and textures all zipped up, and your logs at C:\Users\Documents\Omniverse\3DsMax