3DS Max: Exporting USD Breaks Animation

Hello, I’m trying to figure out why my animation breaks when exporting from 3DS Max through Omniverse to USD. Before the export, the animation works as expected, cars move along the roadway, but after export they seem to be all over the place. Car bodies are missing, they’re animating in the wrong area, etc.

I did this export before with primitive rectangles to represent vehicles and it worked fine. After replacing the rectangles with complex car meshes with Vehicle Replacement Manager. All rectangles were replaced with the same car model, which has worked in previous project used without Omniverse. Exporting after this step is where things seem to break.

Export up-axis AND USD Composer up-axis are both set to Z.

I know the ground textures look different between the images, that is not an issue, the cars are what I’m worried about.

Workflow as follows:

  1. Create .fzp file with Vissim for traffic animation
  2. Bring .fzp into 3DS Max using Civil View Traffic Import
  3. Replace basic block meshes with car model using Vehicle Substitution Manager in Civil View
  4. Export USD using Omniverse toolbar using these settings:

Pre-USD Export (how it is supposed to look):

Post-USD Export (broken):