3ds max or Cinema 4d?

I am a longtime 3ds Max user… and I’m thinking of trying Cinema 4D. Just a small explanation of what I do… I pretty much make visual effects for my own personal videos. I recently started using Octane Render in 3ds Max and I just can’t help but get a little jealous at all the information and tutorials there are for Cinema 4d using the render AND nearly NONE for 3ds Max! Like it’s crazy how much more work you need to do just to figure something out in 3ds Max compared to other programs around (from my experience at least).

If anyone who reads this uses Cinema 4D for visual effects purposes, including: (Character animation, rigging, modeling, fluid simulations such as fire/smoke or even liquids, physics simulations, particles, matchmoving. etc.) From your experience how is the software like for those purposes? And is it a smart move for me to want to hop over to the Cinema 4D bandwagon lol.

And if anybody who has used both, can you please explain which program you decided to use and why?

Thanks! I’m just trying to make my transition between programs as comfortable as I can, and with that I like to ask questions. Have a beautiful day