3ds Max Slice Modifier

Hi all. Is there a way to export an animated slice modifier from 3ds Max to Omniverse? Or does Omniverse/usd not like geometry that changes?

@luis.see i am just another OV user and i haven’t tried exporting USD with animating slice modifier that operate on a mesh. that said, i would generally be wary of introducing animation that adds/removes vertices of the underlying meshes. the animation i export are primarily geometry transforms because i’ve ran into issues with exporting vertex animation in the past.

on a side note, there is a section tool extension in OV’s toolkit that’s built-in to Presenter, but that primarily is for viewing purposes and affects the whole scene, which may or may not be what you are after. here’s the link to the doc in case you are interested - Section Tool — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation (nvidia.com)

Thanks @Simplychenable yeah, i only need a section to certain pieces of geometry. it’s a let down. It’s weird what’s supported. I used an array modifier and animated arrows along a path, with new ones popping in as it went along the path. I thought, no way this works. It’s a newer modifier, its new geometry popping in. Of course it worked haha

To answer your question, we do not really support live transfer or geometry modifiers. If you have a slice command or intact any geometry modifier, it is best to “collapse to mesh” before export to lock in the geometry. I know that is not always idea. Something’s may work better than others.