3dsmax 2023 exporting models with instances and Broken Shaders

I am using the Latest of everything, fully updated to the latest of 3dsmax 2023,
vray 6,
omnierse latest 2022.3.0, and
3dsmax connectors latest 200.1.0

3dsmax 2023 exporting models with instances…

This is becoming a Major BUG for me, as I am trying to develop a Library system for my client, and many of my files assets have instanced meshes with in them. they are starting to get annoyed at me, for failing…

If I export a file with instances option turned on, MDL options on etc, and with the shared textures option.
force file upload ticked also.

It will export my model into the usd fine, In CREATE you can see your model fine.
The Instanced object, say the first one has the shader on working, but any instanced objects of that one, do not have any shaders on…

so to clarify, if you have Teapot_000, then instances of it, 002, 003, 004, 005 etc
only the Teapot_000 has the intended shader on, the rest come in Blank, they are However referencing the Teapot_000.usd mesh which is great, Just not the shaders at all.

now imagine this on a large scene, well it’s un-usable.

the only way I know how to fix this is not to use instances at all and manually in CREATE make each object reference back to the _000.

this is quite time-consuming when you know the other file with instances does do this, just not with the shaders.

PLEASE FIX THIS, asap, so shaders are taken across instances also, it seems it’s simply not been thought about in the export.

I’m happy to fix this in CREATE if someone can tell me how to also.

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Actually this problem have been around from previous version too and the worst is that even trying to do a quick over write of the material doesn’t work and causes other issues with the models(some models just disappear in some instances). Been wanting to report this but been busy to create a test scene/case, probably should so that omniverse team can fix this issue.

Update , created and attached two simple scene and weirdly I have problem exporting 3dsmax primitive box instance or not in 3dsmax 2023(200.1.0 connector and latest nvidia studio driver). The other geosphere one export fine but instance export do not have any textures, while non instance export works as expected, just wish Arnold/physical material can be totally supported. Thanks for the support omniverse team !

3dsmax2023 file for instance testing.zip (506.7 KB)

Hello @chris.wade & @DavidDPD! I’ve sent this issue over to the dev team to fix. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

A development ticket was generated from this post. OM-72576: 3dsmax 2023 exporting models with instances and Broken Shaders

Hi David, The next version of the connector that will be coming very soon I believe has this issue fixed, I have tested your sample scene and appears to work properly. However , as a note. there is a condition you should still be mindful of when going from 3dsMax to USD. 3dsmax allows you to override material assignments on instances while USD does not. So if you have your 3dsMax scene authoring with instances and have material overrides on them, you will not get the material overrides into USD.

Hey @chris.wade, Could you verify in the export settings if “Include Dependencies” was selected in the drop down next to MDL Context?

This is necessary to get all dependency files for the shared textures option.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.