3dsmax omniverse connector shows no update in textures files

Ramesh_3dsmax_Create.zip (277.0 KB)
While working with 3dsmax Omniverse connector and Omniverse Create, only the 3D object’s transition(Scale and transform) is getting updated in Create.
The textures and materials are not getting updated.
I have installed the latest versions of 3dsmax and Omniverse create.
Omniverse Create App version - 2021.3.8-rc.5
3Dsmax(2022) Omniverse connector - 102.4.0
Attached the file for reference.
Kindly help me with a solution.

Hi Team,

Kindly help me with the solution for 3ds max Omniverse connector.


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Hello @user153713! Apologies for not seeing this sooner. Your original post was back in January. Have you tried the latest versions of Create and the 3dsMax connector?

As of today, here are the latest versions
Create 2022.1.3
3dsMax Connector 103.3.1

Hi, I also have the same issue from before and it looks the latest version has
the same result. Only base color is synchronized. Texture is not synchronized.

  • Omniverse
    Nucleus : 2022.1.2
    Create : 2022.1.3
    Cache : 2022.1.1
    3ds Max Connector : 103.3.1
    3ds Max 2022.3.3 Security Fix 24.0 -

From my invetigation if we chage texture from Omniverse Create,
texture of 3ds Max is also changed.
I changed texture from “Albedo Map” parameter of Material.
When I change texture from 3ds Max and Create, I used the same texture
stored in my local PC. ( not in Nucleus )


Also when I reload Material from Material library, I can confirm some errors and
updated textures are strange.
( Click small white triangle which exists on the righ up corner of Material )

kit_20220615_141417.zip (83.3 KB)

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Masahiro Suzuoki

Thank you for checking on that for me. I am sending this over to the devs!

(An internal development ticket was created for this issue. OM-53887: 3dsmax omniverse connector shows no update in textures files)