3dsMax Omniverse Connector Updates

We released an update to the 3dsMax Omniverse Connector.

The highlights to version 102.1 can be found here, as well as a link to the docs.

  • Added 3dsMax 2022 support
  • Added MDL Distiller
    • Can Load MDL render context materials into 3dsMax and have limited display in viewport
    • Can create omniverse MDLs and assign them inside 3dsMax
    • Added Support for opening usd files that have usd shade graph generated be Create
    • Limitation - changed values on these material nodes may not work with save USD / Live USD.
  • Added USD Python Bindings
  • Additional Vray support for export
    • Added embedded mode support for all VRay Materials.
    • No version up material names on repeated exports.
    • VRayFastSSS2 correct units.
    • Improved bump amount matches better with VRay.
    • Forcing pure gray materials when VRay version check fails.
  • Improved lag in some Live sync conditions
  • Improved material export of native materials
  • Fixed Embedded MDL failure for AEC project
  • Embedded MDL on by default, script command available to control it.

Updated documentation here

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3dsMax Omniverse Connector has been updated to version 102.2.2

The highlights can be found here, as well as a link to the docs.

  • Fixed bug exporting OmniSurface Preset materials
  • Fixed file specific export issues involving mesh
  • Fixed Vray export issue reported on forums. ( Partial ) Do not support some localized string characters.
  • Fixed case where Save USD to a mounted file caused a crash
  • Fixed handling of materials with same name, now duplicates are auto renamed to be unique
  • Fixed OM-20165 Export throwing a Read error for layer
  • Fixed OM-24399 View Project disconnecting when opening a new scene
  • Fixed OM-25829 Variants made in Maya would not always open in 3dsMax
  • Fixed OM-29725 Fixed Cursor for file dialogs
  • Fixed OM-35651 native Physical and Standard materials exported USDPreview Surface incorrectly
  • Fixed OM-34536 Materials Include Dependencies failed for specific USD
  • Fixed OM-35216 Crash for opening specific USD file
  • Fixed OM-35284 Max error with Live timeline scrub
  • Fixed OM-35792 Save USd dropped Materials
  • Fixed OM-35891 Create New View Project failed to export
  • Fixed OM-35976 Exception in script after exporting and opening max file
  • Fixed OM-36144 Destination MDL templates path had unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed OM-36484 Reexport of existing USD file broke materials
  • Fixed OM-36616 Kind not being exported
  • Updated Core material Library