3dsMax Omniverse Connector Updates

We released an update to the 3dsMax Omniverse Connector.

The highlights to version 102.1 can be found here, as well as a link to the docs.

  • Added 3dsMax 2022 support
  • Added MDL Distiller
    • Can Load MDL render context materials into 3dsMax and have limited display in viewport
    • Can create omniverse MDLs and assign them inside 3dsMax
    • Added Support for opening usd files that have usd shade graph generated be Create
    • Limitation - changed values on these material nodes may not work with save USD / Live USD.
  • Added USD Python Bindings
  • Additional Vray support for export
    • Added embedded mode support for all VRay Materials.
    • No version up material names on repeated exports.
    • VRayFastSSS2 correct units.
    • Improved bump amount matches better with VRay.
    • Forcing pure gray materials when VRay version check fails.
  • Improved lag in some Live sync conditions
  • Improved material export of native materials
  • Fixed Embedded MDL failure for AEC project
  • Embedded MDL on by default, script command available to control it.

Updated documentation here

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3dsMax Omniverse Connector has been updated to version 102.2.2

The highlights can be found here, as well as a link to the docs.

  • Fixed bug exporting OmniSurface Preset materials
  • Fixed file specific export issues involving mesh
  • Fixed Vray export issue reported on forums. ( Partial ) Do not support some localized string characters.
  • Fixed case where Save USD to a mounted file caused a crash
  • Fixed handling of materials with same name, now duplicates are auto renamed to be unique
  • Fixed OM-20165 Export throwing a Read error for layer
  • Fixed OM-24399 View Project disconnecting when opening a new scene
  • Fixed OM-25829 Variants made in Maya would not always open in 3dsMax
  • Fixed OM-29725 Fixed Cursor for file dialogs
  • Fixed OM-35651 native Physical and Standard materials exported USDPreview Surface incorrectly
  • Fixed OM-34536 Materials Include Dependencies failed for specific USD
  • Fixed OM-35216 Crash for opening specific USD file
  • Fixed OM-35284 Max error with Live timeline scrub
  • Fixed OM-35792 Save USd dropped Materials
  • Fixed OM-35891 Create New View Project failed to export
  • Fixed OM-35976 Exception in script after exporting and opening max file
  • Fixed OM-36144 Destination MDL templates path had unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed OM-36484 Reexport of existing USD file broke materials
  • Fixed OM-36616 Kind not being exported
  • Updated Core material Library

3dsMax Connect Version 102.3.0 is now released.

Highlights for this release are as follows.

  • Added Checkpoint auxiliary files
  • Added Live Update options on Setting panel
  • Added support for Vray Light (Plane) export
  • Improved Live Update performance with timeline scrub, and transforming objects
    • Live-Updates are now on Mouse Release
  • Improved VRay material conversions
    • VRayLightMtl intensity has more accurate translation to emissive MDL
    • VRayMtl Reflect/Refract Fresnel IOR more accurate physical translation to MDL
    • VRayMtl improved conversion with opacity maps to MDL
    • VRayBlendMtl improved conversion to MDL
  • Updated Core Materials

Additional bug fixes all noted in release notes online here

Today we have a small update for the 3dsMax connector with version 102.4.0.
Highlights for this release are:

  • Updated to Client Library 1.16
  • Added export support for VRayColor2Bump and VRayBump2Normal

The full release note are here.

Today we released the 3dsmax connector 103.1.4
This is an exciting release with some great new functionality. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. Here is a short list of the things we’ve added.

  • Updated Client Library to 1.17.2
  • Improved - VRayCarpaintMtl now supports Flake mapping type and Flake map channel.
  • Improved - Conversion graphs for native 3dsMax materials to MDL. Physical, Standard, Roughness/Metallic, and Spec/Gloss were all improved.
  • Improved UI controls
    • Renamed export option “Split USD to Multiple Files” to “Batch Export.”
    • Moved some options from Settings to the Export dialog.
    • Exposed Color space and Alpha mode on materials.
  • Improved - Refactored cameras.
  • Added - Payloads as an option for Batch Export.
  • Added - Move to Origin export option.
  • Added - V-ray Proxy export.
  • Added - X-ref export.
  • Added MDL search paths option. User can now specify additional MDL material paths.
  • Added - Tooltips throughout 3dsMax Omniverse Connector.
  • Added - UDIM support for exports using the multi tile node.
  • Fixed OM-41216 Camera Filmback did not export properly.
  • Fixed OM-42117 only a .project.usd file should be able to be set as a project.
  • Fixed OM-42204 Importing a usd saves them to the scene without pressing Save.
  • Fixed OM-44912 Script error on MDL creation.
  • Fixed OM-42431 V-ray asset is not visible in Create RT mode rendering.
  • Fixed OM-46067 Merging max file doesn’t update texture fields on MDL.

Full list of release notes here.

Architecture scene is an Evermotion Vray scene exported from 3dsmax.
The warehouse scene is courtesy of the very talented Andrew Averkin.

Omniverse 3dsConnector 103.2 is released today. This is a small update that revs the Client Library to 1.17.3.

Omniverse 3dsMax Connector 103.3.1 is released today. This adds 3dsmax 2023 support and bumps the client library to 1.17.5.

Omniverse 3dsMax Connector 103.4.0 is released today. This release has no visible impact to users and contains mainly security related fixes. Release Notes.

3dsMax Connect Version 200.0

Model from Turbosquid

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The 3ds Max Connector 200.1 update is released

  • Updated - Resolver 1.11.0 and Client Library 2.15.0
  • Added - Export with Vray 6 support
  • Numerous Bug fixes

Release Notes

3ds Max Connector 200.2 update is released. Here is some highlights.

  • Updated Resolver 1.15.0 and Client Library 2.18.0
  • Live workflow between 3ds Max Z up and a USD Y up stage
  • Can now quickly open a file by pasting an omniverse usd path into the file open dialog.

Full release notes here

3ds Max Connector 200.3 is released.

  • Updated USD Resolver to 1.18.0
  • Fixed Live Sync duplicates can occur after a batch export only
  • Fixed Not connecting to Cloud Nucleus
  • Fixed MDL not showing all UV parameters.

Full release notes here