4.05 & 4.05's shcematic sympol of CPU and ball definition - - - not the same, right?

I got the newest shcematic 4.04 yesterday Then I check with schematic 4.02 , I found out
4.04 & 4.05’s shcematic sympol of CPU and ball definition. For example
4.04 U3C1E’s Ball A18(Symbol is DDR_ODT_B1) but net name is DDR1_CSI_L - Differnce.
4.02 U3C1E’s Ball A18(Symbol is DDR1_CSI_L) ,net name is DDR1_CSI_L - All the same.
But physically, the connection all the same. Just 4.04 Symbol and Ball definition wrong, right?
Please help me to confirm it, TKS.


4.04 ball name is the default name, you can find them in the chip datasheet (https://developer.nvidia.com/rdp/assets/tegra-k1-datasheet).

The DDR interface of TK1 can be re-mapping for better layout routing, which means some balls will not be used as their default function as ball name shows.
And 4.02 used net name as ball name, that’s why 4.04 is different to 4.02 on ball name, but same on the pin number. So better to take the pin number as the only reference to check the corresponding net name.