4.0r1 - missing armv5te (armeabi)

I updated to 4.0r1 (I know r2 is now out), and since then it won’t build my projects anymore unless I change the architecture to v7. But I like to stay backwards compatible. So either keep v7 and add support for the older, or just use the older one.

How can I do this? Was it removed on purpose, or why won’t it support old architecture anymore?
(I checked the config files and neither armv5te nor armeabi in there anymore).

EDIT: I found out by using my old and nice Samsung Tab with Tegra 2. It throws ILL_ILLOPC, but I don’t know how to prevent it from using whatever instruction it uses. Just armv5 did not produce those instruction. Disabling neon and FP I already tried as a workaround, but it failed.

Thank you!

Hi Pierre,

We’ve officially removed the support for ARMv5TE. Please use an older Nsight Tegra version to develop for such devices.


Thank you Dmitry for the info.
Can you confirm if this is the reason the Samsung Tab won’t run the code anymore?
It uses a Tegra 2 Chip, which does support ARMv7 instuction set. Just missing NEON.

We don’t provide official support for Tegra 2 devices in TADP. Which means that unfortunately we cannot research the issue to answer your question (we don’t even have Tegra 2 devices to reproduce it). The only viable workaround seems to be using an Nsight Tegra version that works for you or switching to a supported device.