4 cameras cannot be open at the same time occasionally

hi teams:
we are using the 960+953+4 sensors.The sensor output is the same pixel 1920*1080.

we use 960 two ports output data to two csi2 of xavier.

sensorA----------| -------------960 csi2 port 0 --------------- Xavier CSI C & CSI D


sensorC----------|--------------960 csi2 port 1---------------Xavier CSI E & CSI F


we can open each camera separatly, but 4 cameras cannot be opened at the same time occasionally.
Attached is the kmsg log and trace. Please help analyze the cause of the problem.

kmsg.txt (10.2 KB)
trace_part.txt (1.4 MB)

Hope for your reply

Boost the nvcsi/vi/isp clock to try.

sudo su
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/vi/mrq_rate_locked
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/isp/mrq_rate_locked
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nvcsi/mrq_rate_locked
cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/vi/max_rate |tee /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/vi/rate
cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/isp/max_rate | tee /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/isp/rate
cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nvcsi/max_rate | tee /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/nvcsi/rate

- kworker/0:0-4 [000] .... 154.469842: rtcpu_nvcsi_intr: tstamp:5140155674 class:GLOBAL type:PHY_INTR0 phy:0 cil:0 st:0 vc:0 status:0x00000110
    - 0x110:
        - intr_cil_data_lane_rxfifo_full_err0_a
        - intr_cil_data_lane_rxfifo_full_err1_a
- kworker/0:0-4 [000] .... 154.469842: rtcpu_nvcsi_intr: tstamp:5140155674 class:CORRECTABLE_ERR type:STREAM_VC phy:0 cil:0 st:0 vc:0 status:0x00000004
    - 0x04:
        - err_intr_stat_pd_crc_err_vc0