4 TerraFlop TESLA!


Did you see NVIDIA’s latest announcement! THey have released a new TESLA 1U server that delivers 4TerraFlops??

Amazing, isn’t it? Did any of you had a chance to work with these machines?

I believe it is not released yet. I have a T10P (1/4 of such a beast) and it is very nice. I have currently a project that can use the 4 Gb very well. The mem. bandwidth is not as high as GTX280, but still ;)

I thought it was not released yet. :) Do you know (roughly) the price of this device ?


It’s a test version. I have no clue what the price will be. I just know I want a few of them at my company for me & my co-workers.

I was talking about TerraFlops – That is in terms of processing power!


Check the press statement above dated 17th June 2008

Tesla S1070 1U the Tesla C1060 are the families.

– edit –

The products are sampled in June and will be released in August 2008.

Just a month more…

Yeah, I read the TeraFlops, but I pointed out the difference between a S1070 & 4 GTX280’s. A Teraflop you can already get with a GTX280.

For people like me the fact that the memory bandwidth (and size) has gone up is much more important. No use for teraflops is you are bandwidth-bound ;)

Sure! Thanks for the info! Yes, that does matter a lot!