4-Way GPU Cluster

I need some help understanding the meaning of the term “4-way” ?

4-way GPU cluster
4-way CPU cluster
4-way CPU/GPU cluster


not a clue what you are talking about or referring to. the only time i’ve seen the term “4-way” associated with anything is “4-way SLI” which involves a motherboard with enough PCI-Ex16 slots, to support 4 GPUS on one motherboard. looks something like this.


all that other “cluster” nonsense…i think you should google it.


I would assume that “4-way” means that there are 4 CUDA devices in each node. This can be pretty easily achieved using the PCI-Express interface cards provided with the Tesla S2050 (or older S1070) units that provide interface cards to multiplex multiple GPUs onto fewer PCI-Express slots, or with motherboards and enclosures designed for 4 full-length, double width PCI-Express cards.