40-pin GPIO port connector problem

I have a Raspberry Pi hat that I’d like to use on the Xavier.

This hat has a few peripherals, including soft power on/off for the entire rover, undervoltage cut-off for saving LiPo batteries, as well I/O for motor controller, steering, receiving radio control signals, and so on.

The hat normally powers the Raspberry Pi by attaching to the main battery that it switches, and generating 5V out to the 5V rail on the Pi connector. Because the Xavier has its own 9.5A 5V rail, I disabled this rail. (There is still some capacitance visible to the Xavier, but that should be fine.)

However, the hat also uses a standard IDE 40-pin connector to plug into the 40-pin Pi GPIO header. This is pretty standard, as these parts are easy and cheap to come by.

Unfortunately, the 40-pin header on the Xavier devkit doesn’t make the extra room on the sides of the header needed to fit an IDE style female 40-pin header – it’s only barely wide enough to fit a non-keyed, DuPont-style header (which I’m not even sure you can get in 40-pin form – maybe you can?) There’s space for about another pin column missing on each short side of the connector.

Well, to be fair, the CONNECTOR is fine, what’s in the way is the devkit plastic feet. The hole just isn’t big enough. I consider this a design bug in the Xavier, and I highly recommend NVIDIA take this into account and update future revisions and designs to make sure to fit that kind of connector mechanically.

Meanwhile, I’m not even sure I can cut into the plastic foot of the devkit to make the necessary space, because one of the mounting screws is quite close to the 40-pin connector.

Could you share pics of the module/s under discussion for better clarification?


Is removing the foot an option for you? I’ve been running one of my Xavier systems upside down for a similar (but different) problem. I removed the offending plastic foot.


Here’s the Raspberry Pi hat: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TIZRwT1liuum8qoM7WJbi-JH8VMrMioTwOWIgUCem8s/edit?usp=sharing

Here’s the connector part it uses: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=SFH11-PBPC-D20-ST-BK

There’s a picture of the connector on the second page of that document. Note that I had to disable the 5V regulator on the board, because it would otherwise be fighting with the Jetson 5V rail.


I don’t particularly need the foot, but what I ended up doing was mill away part of the plastic housing on the connector on the hat on the left/right sides, and then I could fit it into the available space on the devkit.