40 pin header

recomputer jetson-10-1-h0 not up 40 pin header i want to give up this option to select the SPI pin In order to receive SPI signal from mcp2515, what should I do? Please give me a detailed method.

You can modify the device tree directly instead of using jetson-io to configure the PINs.
Have referencing to below topic.

I looked at the link you sent and I don’t know how to view spi.node. and I can’t find a file named tegra210-p2595 Makes internal files unable to be edited what do i have to do

Check below document for customized kernel and device tree.


i tried to follow the link you sent. but when it comes make ARCH=arm64 O=$TEGRA_KERNEL_OUT -j i choose n=1 and after i run i find that my memory is insufficient. what should i do

Looks like your HD storage doesn’t enough maybe get another disk to try.

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