4090 nvidia card crash

i have a new Alienware system with the max system you could order. a i9 139000k processer and 64g ddr5, running dual Samsung 49 inch curved gaming monitors. the system randomly loses video output and the 4090 fans kick on. the computer is still on and running but everything goes black. happens randomly, tried having dell remote diagnose and cant find anything. there are dump files but aparently they cant figure it out. all hardware passes all the test thrown at them. dell just came and put a whole new motherboard in to try and cure it and guess what it still does it. dell said there are post in the forums about issues with the i9 13000 series processors and using a nivida 4090. im looking for some help please anyone??

Hi there @russellisabel and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I am afraid Dell might have sent you to the wrong forums. We usually don’t do system level support and as far as I am aware there are no specific Intel/NVIDIA discussions going on in this part of the dev forums.

Could it be that they meant the Dell user community?

What you can of course also check out are the dedicated GeForce forums. If there are some known issues with i9 13th gen and RTX 4090, they would likely first be mentioned there.