40pin Expansion Header GPIO - Jetson TX2

I have in a trouble. please somebody explain to me.

after setting some of pins are GPIO mode as below in jetson-io.py.

  • pin11 : uarta-cts to unused(GPIO)
    pin36 : uarta-rts to unused(GPIO)

i can use pin11 and pin36 as GPIO. (No problem)
when pin11 use a interrupt for button, it’s not works correctly. (Problem)
pin36 is no problem for interrupt.

cat /proc/interrupt
278 0 0 0 0 0 tegra-gpio 146 Edge ns_button <== pin11 interrupt not works
279 43 0 0 0 0 tegra-gpio 147 Edge ns_button <== pin36 interrupt ok.

Many thanks,

Is the issue present if you enable only pin11 as gpio? Or has to be pin11 + pin36?

as you know, if jetson-io.py is used for mode change, these are changed at the same time.
so i did not change only pin11 to gpio.

if you let me know, how to change mode only pin11 except pin36, i will try again.



I found a solution.