415.27: GPU crash in Mass Effect Andromeda

When playing Mass Effect Andromeda under Wine 4.0 with DXVK 0.96, the GPU will sometimes crash. It looks different at different times and it happens at different points in the game. Sometimes it happens just before the main menu appears - the displays just turn off and GPU fan goes 100%. Sometimes it happens during the game.

I’m attaching two GPU crash reports.

nvidia-bug-report-1.log.gz (840 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-2.log.gz (839 KB)

Also, although it’s not a GPU crash per se, the game will sometimes hang in black screen before the EA/Bioware logo appears at the very start. The system becomes unresponsive and after a short delay the displays turn off. If I log in from another machine via ssh I can see that Xorg process is consuming 100% of a single CPU thread in system time.

Both are XID 79, fallen off the bus.
Overheating, insufficient power supply?

Definitely not overheating. The crash happened on a freshly booted system, quickly after starting the game, before I even got to the main menu. The system didn’t have a chance to even warm up.

I have a Corsair 860W PSU (AX860, I think), although rather old, maybe around 6-8 years. The nominal capacity should be enough, I think, unless the PSU aged somehow.

Is the XID 79 error an indication of a hardware failure?

Yes, XID 79 is HW, it shut itself down.

The problem was indeed related to the PSU. Thanks, generix.