418.30 - Gnome(and others) - RGBGamma resetting.

I wanted to start a topic about this problem I’m having because I’m one of the few people it seems that needs to have custom gamma settings set at launch and during desktop use.

What I experience atm is a problem where opening a program like Vivaldi/Chrome/Gedit etc will very often reset the gamma settings to 1.0 instead of my custom 0.850000 setting.

I have a autostart script that exec the following commands at launch, and it does work until I open something, yes I’ve tried each command separately. (cmds tested separately also)

xgamma -gamma .85 &
nvidia-settings -a 0/AllowVRR[DP-4]=1 -a 0/ShowVRRVisualIndicator[DP-4]=1 -a 0/ShowGraphicsVisualIndicator[DP-4]=0 -a 0/RedGamma[DP-4]=0.850000 -a 0/BlueGamma[DP-4]=0.850000 -a 0/GreenGamma[DP-4]=0.850000 &
nvidia-settings --load-config-only

However these do not persist and I’m forced to go into console and issue them again after loading up a program. Sometimes what also happens is the gamma controls LOCK UP entirely and I can’t change them without restarting X.

.nvidia-settings-rc exists and has the correct settings.

To me it seems that nvidia drivers or settings are not persistently applied like how it is with windows where if you load a program that adjusts gamma, then quit, it will reapply your custom gamma settings.

This is quite an annoying issue and I have pretty much tried everything in the books to resolve but the resetting of my custom gamma (and other settings for that matter) keeps happening. Its as if the nvidia drivers are switching to default options often.

This problem exists on gnome/xfce/plasma5, and has existed in previous vulkan beta drivers, I believe its a driver BUG that has not been caught by nvidia.

Got a nice little test that 100% happens all the time.

Once desktop is loaded, issue your gamma command as followed: (DP-4 is my display-port monitor) (loading config file doesn’t work for me, unknown reason, it exists in correct location/name)

nvidia-settings -a 0/RedGamma[DP-4]=0.850000 -a 0/BlueGamma[DP-4]=0.850000 -a 0/GreenGamma[DP-4]=0.85

Now open gedit text file, type or delete any text, watch as desktop resets to 1.0 gamma! I can do this with 100% repeat-ability. Now if that isn’t a BUG in the driver I dunno what is!?¿

NOTE: This only happens once for gedit, if you reset your gamma back to your custom settings it should persist, however other applications may reset it to default again, such as games with custom brightness/gamma settings ingame.

UPDATE: Switched back to Plasma5 recently and the issue is much less frequent, so I suspect its mostly a GNOME and related desktop issue, wouldn’t be surprised if XFCE and MATE were affected just as much since their built on gnome.

This still happens for gnome. Less so with plasma but can still occur, some games and applications will cause reset to 1.0 gamma values.

This behaviour while occurs under windows, when you return to the desktop the nvidia gamma settings you chose will be restored.

I guess the reset happens when some application is accessing/reloading the icc color profile. I don’t know how to prevent that without creating a new profile that includes the gamma correction.