440.36 vs. 430.64 on Arch+GTX770 (4K+19x12 screens), lower frames/s

Hey hey…

In prep for the weekly fam-lan party playing Factorio, I keep my Arch box up to date and the first time I tried 440.36, I saw my frame rate drop (compared to 430.64 and earlier) from 60 FPS down to the low 40’s. So I backed down and put 430.64 on once more (this would have been 2019.11.22 when 430.64 came out, current kernel image at the time. Factorio is being rendered on my 4K screen and my quad(hyper’d)-core 2G Xeon (16G memory) is the server for the game as well.

Last week, when there was a new kernel, I tried again and while I’m still seeing some frame rate degradation (drifts down to the high 40s/low 50s) it’s not as bad as it was. Still I backed off to 430.64 for this week’s game.

So my pain isn’t as bad as some folks’ around 440.36 but I’m wondering if there’s any more info I could provide or code tweaking I could try to make this better?


So… the weekly fam-lan party just ended and I was running 440.44 without a problem as regards frame rate. I think we’ll call it a win.

Keep it up guys… my only wish would be that this stuff would get into nirvana so I wouldn’t be tainting my license to get the best out of your card. Looking forward to that day but not holding my breath.