440.64 crashes entire CentOS 7.7 workstation every hour or so

Wondering if there’s some kind of memory leak with 440.64, given that my system keeps crashing, and there’s nothing in particular that seems to trigger it.

Was running 440.64 packaged from ELRepo on CentOS 7.7, and the whole machine would lock up every hour or so, requiring a hard reboot to get the mouse and keyboard working again. I could ssh in from a different machine, but running # systemctl restart gdm.service didn’t allow me to use the mouse or keyboard again. I couldn’t even use the keyboard to switch over to a VST.

I needed to roll back to 440.59 as fast as possible, just to get a stable system, so I didn’t have time to run nvidia-bug-report.sh, but would it be helpful to run it now that I have only 440.59 installed? Not sure how far back it captures relevant behavior.