440.82 incompatible with 5.7.2-arch1-1

I had to patch a file to make the driver compile in my newest kernel, thus:

--- kernel/conftest.sh	2020-06-12 10:48:27.064711027 -0700
+++ kernel/conftest.sh.new	2020-06-12 10:48:04.394711859 -0700
@@ -473,11 +473,12 @@
             void conftest_set_memory_array_uc(void) {
-            compile_check_conftest "$CODE" "NV_SET_MEMORY_ARRAY_UC_PRESENT" "" "functions"
+            #compile_check_conftest "$CODE" "NV_SET_MEMORY_ARRAY_UC_PRESENT" "" "functions"
+	    echo "#undef NV_SET_MEMORY_ARRAY_UC_PRESENT" | append_conftest functions
             # Determine if the sysfs_slab_unlink() function is present.

Without this patch, I got errors compiling kernel/nvidia/nv-vm.c regarding set_memory_array_uc and set_memory_array_wb, asking if I meant set_memory_page_uc etc.

Looking forward to the next release of 440 (or later) to correct this but 440.82 with my patch compiled, installed, and is running just fine.


This has already been reported, and NVIDIA has confirmed that they’ve got it staged for the next release.

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I suspected as much but a clear account is never quite redundant…ank

A month old! And that’s probably a much better patch than mine… I’ll be applying it manually, and that’ll be a relief. …ank