[450.57] "Out of Range" on display connected with USB-C Display Adapter

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I tried the latest 450.57 driver on Ubuntu 20.04. I have a Razer Blade 15 with an RTX2060, using a triple-display setup (the integrated 1920x1080 one, one AOC 1440p 25" on the HDMI port, and one AOC 1440p 25" on HDMI through an Aukey USB-C adapter). This works fine on 440.82 and kernel 5.6.14, but using 450.57, on both kernels 5.6.14 and 5.8rc, the USB-C display at 2560x1440 59.95Hz (the native resolution/frequency) shows an “Input Not Supported” error message. If I turn it down to 1920x1080@60Hz, it works. Reverting to 440.82, it works fine again at 2560x1440.

I tried another display (Iiyama 24" 1080p), which showed the same behavior with an “Out of range” message displayed, at 1920x1080@60.00Hz. Tuning down to 1920x1080@59.94Hz made it work however, so it looks like there are some issues with the display refresh rate not being properly handled through USB-C at the native display resolution, using driver 450.57. Again, works fine with 440.82.


I can confirm this, seeing similar problems.

Posted bug report logs here: Frequency Issues with 450.57 on USB-C connect displays

This issue is still occurring as of 455.23… This issue prevents me from upgrading kernel.

Bump, this issue has been going on for a few months now and Ubuntu 20.10 being released with kernel 5.8 will force me to use a newer release than 440.82, preventing me from using my external display @aplattner

I’ll get some more debug logs tomorrow

Can you please enable Option "ModeDebug" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and then generate bug report logs after setting the problematic mode with both the working and non-working drivers? That way we can compare the specific mode timings being set for this display in the bad and good configurations.

Hi @aplattner
Please find both logs attached: One from the 440.82 driver (the working version), and one from the 455.23 driver (non working), both with ModeDebug enabled.

This was with two exact same Iiyama 24" displays, set at 1920x1080 60Hz. The display connected directly on the Blade’s HDMI port works fine (HDMI-0), and the second display connected on the Blade’s USB-C port (DP-0) displays “Out of Range” on 455.23 (again, works on 440.82).

Thanks for your help

Xorg logs:
NVIDIA-440.82-Debug.log (702.5 KB)
NVIDIA-455.23-Debug.log (658.2 KB)

Hi @aplattner, sorry to bother but were you able to track down the issue? Is there anything else I can do to help?

Hey @aplattner, this is still an issue as of the latest driver.

Can we do anything to help in fixing this?

Sorry I dropped the ball on looking at these logs.

I don’t see anything obviously wrong from the Xorg logs that are attached. Sorry to ask for more information but could you please re-run the bad and good drivers and generate a full bug report log for each with sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh rather than attaching just the Xorg log files? I’m interested in seeing the output of xrandr --verbose so please run that from within the X session.

Hey @aplattner, I’ve ran nvidia-bug-report.sh on both driver versions and also attached the output of xrandr --verbose while running on the faulty driver.

Let me know if I can provide any other information ;)

xrandr-verbose-460.32 (33.5 KB)
nvidia-460.32.log.gz (222.3 KB)
nvidia-440.100.log.gz (265.1 KB)

Hey @aplattner, did you find anything in the logs? Can I do anything to help fixing this?