465.24.02 page fault

For the Manjaro users: 470.42.01-2 is now in the Testing branch.

I bought Redeon because it looks like it will be a while before the official version is released. nvidia’s response is too slow.

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The fix is already available.

Moving to Radeon is one way to resolve it. Another way is to do what Mr.Kui did and install the nvidia-dkms-performance package from AUR. Another way is to change to the Unstable or Testing branch. And yet another way is to stop updating until the package hits Stable.

Some software doesn’t work well with Radeon on Linux (eg. Davinci Resolve), so that’s a no-go for me (though my son really likes his Radeon on his gaming PC).

Final update for Manjaro users: 470.42.01 made it to Stable and was released today as a part of the [Stable Update] 2021-07-13 - Kernels, Plasma 5.22, Cinnamon 5, Gnome 40, LibreOffice, Mesa, Nvidia, Pamac - Stable Updates - Manjaro Linux Forum


I’m still not seeing an option here for Ubuntu users yet.

Just been looking through the available updates and I’m only being offered 460.80 (no thanks!!) (Currently rocking 460.73 on a rolled back kernel at 5.8.0-53)

Can anyone here tell me how I can figure out what versions of the NVidia drivers will be triggered by updating my kernel now? I don’t want to try without some faith that I might get a different result and burn another day trying to get my PC bootable again.

The “Ubuntu base” section is listing elements for kernel 5.8.0-59 - which is a newer kernel again. I can’t see anything referring to 470.42 though.

Lots of packages trying to up me from 460.80 without a kernel update though that I’m having to ignore regularly.

Here’s a link to the Ubuntu bug linked to this - not much headway here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-465/+bug/1930733

Just to add - Looks like the pre-release channels for Ubuntu are only offering 460.84 (sadface)

Just install 470.42.01 manually.

I just checked, the cuda repo for ubuntu does include the 470 driver, but i did not check if they work properly. These repos are only provided for lts version so 18.04 + 20.04

I’m using Arch, but I have Mint 20.2 dual boot and I installed 470.42.01 without any problems at all.

In Ubuntu you can use nvidia-driver-460-server which is at 460.73.01, the version before this bug was introduced, or install the beta 470 from Nvidia testing - Do not use on production systems : Alberto Milone

Works like a charm.
Thanks for notification!


I STILL have this problem with 470.57.02-1 from arch-testing. What is worse, it happens with MY LAPTOP’s INTERNAL panel, which is a 4k oled, so I can’t just switch cables!


Laptops which do not allow you to bypass the iGPU are not supported by NVIDIA. Source.