465.31 .run works on Tumbleweed with Quadro M3000M, but 470.63 boots to blank screen

nvidia-installer.log (35.9 KB)
Nvidia 465.31 installed “the hard way” in Tumbleweed works properly, but 470.63 goes to a blank screen after grub. The mouse pointer never appears.

Hardware: Dell Precision 7710 with Quadro M3000M w/4gb

Tumbleweed snapshot 20210830, kernel 5.13.13-1.

.log file attached. This problem has existed for at least the last several snapshots, with different versions of the 5.13 kernel.

I got this to work with the 5.14 kernel by adding the kernel parameter acpi=off . (Which strikes me as pretty odd, as for the past several years nvidia .run files have installed and worked properly on this Precision 7710 without problems or tweaks, and I haven’t made any hardware changes to the 7710.) A clip from the Xorg is attached.

Xorg.0.clip.log (21.1 KB)