465 drivers cause KDE desktop to malfunction

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (303.5 KB)

On a new install of Kubuntu 21.04, desktop shortcuts no longer do anything (function) after nvidia 465 drivers are installed from the ubuntu repository. Switching back to the Noveau driver restores functionality of the desktop quicklaunch icons. I have attached a list of the 18 steps taken to get to/reproduce this situation:
install KDE (715 Bytes)

This is Ryzen 7 5800X CPU and the same issue does not arise on the prior generation Ryzen 7 3700X. The mother board is a MSI x570 Unity updated to the BIOS dated June 2021.

There are some other minor issues with icon appearance which I have not gone into detail about.

I have reinstalled the Kubuntu 21.04 system and have only installed system updates with no other software except for the 465 driver and the same behaviour occurs so this problem is definitely reproducable.

To provide further information regarding icons a number of issues are evident: some system icons are presented as question marks. On some occasions on power up the KDE default panel is not displayed. When using applications such as wine some windows applications are not found when using the command line and if using a GUI those files are not visible (.exe and .msi files). This appears to be random as some of these files can be executed and be visible.

I am reuploading the Nvidia log with the new configuration of nothing installed except system updates and Nvidia 465 driver installed.
2nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (276.6 KB)

Further information: These drivers also adversely the ability to connect to websites with wait times of over 1 minute being common and also occasionally causing socket errors as shown when attempting an Ookla speed test. Again, reverting to the Nouveau driver removes the problem.

The problem has not been corrected in the 470 version.

The situation is now a random one where on the odd occasion KDE desktop is working but most of the time it is not.